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Shanghai Young People’s Favorite Social Media Site: Sina Weibo

22 Feb

What is Sina Weibo?

Sina Weibo a Chinese micro blogging website. Akin to Twitter, it is one of the most popular sites in China, in use by well over 30% of Internet users, of which most users are people aged from 18-35. It was launched by SINA Corporation in 2009, and achieved a great success during the following years. Just with in two years—by the time of November 2011, Sina Weibo has more than 250 million registered users.

I can say that nearly 90% of my friends are active Sina Weibo users. I am following 491 accounts and I have 916 followers. I am a absolute Weibo girl with 5659 micro blogs published.

Image shows information of my Weibo account>

What can Weibo do?

I keep up with my friends back at home through Weibo. Everyday in the evening—while they are at the beginning of the day, I can hear from my dear friends saying good morning or complaining about the traffic or weather. That makes me feel close with them, as if I am not at the opposite side of the Pacific.

As I am at the process of becoming a PR practitioner, I realized many things that Weibo can do other than just keeping up with friends. It is a powerful communication tool—because it is a net, and people gather on this net. Let’s see how powerful the net is.

The power of weibo

Reasons why Weibo is so popular

  • User-friendly

It is easy to use. Pictures are easy to see, you can follow anyone easily by clicking a button, you can also download app for your mobile phones.

  • Fast

The information is easy to get, so it is easy to spread. People find information actively, and “viral” the information.

  • Informative

Weibo has become sources of information for many people, including me.

  • New person to person relationship

You can follow anyone on the site. It is not like LinkedIn, you need some relationship to get connect with someone. It is not like Facebook, you search someone through the information that you already know—school, gender, email, etc. You can actually see anyone’s account. This is a brand new relationship format.

 Weibo, as well as Twitter, is the fastest media ever!

The last minute thing is the next minute’s “viral”. On the small column called “hottest topics”, you can see what people are talking about this minute on Weibo. That’s why many marketers and communication people use Weibo as a very important platform to distribute their products and to spread out their messages.

I talked so much about Weibo because I take it as a part of my daily life. Actually, you are out of fashion if you are not an active user of Sina Weibo! Follow me on Sina Weibo: @王妙妙欢乐多

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