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Shanghai Young People’s Favorite Foods: Traditional Top 5

14 Feb

You can not understand a city without tasting its traditional cuisine. That’s quite true!

You can not understand a group of people without having an idea of what they are fond of eating. That’s still true!

What are Shanghai young people having in their plates? The answer is–traditional Shanghai cuisine!

These days, it is very popular among young people in Shanghai to go nostalgic by exploring the traditional foods.

Let’s take a peek at Shanghai young people’s favorite top 5 traditional foods.

No. 1Image of Xiaolongbao

Xiaolongbao–Steamed  Bun

Xiaolongbao is a kind of soup dumplings with thin flour made skin outside and flavored meat inside. From Qing dynasty till now, Xiaolongbao has a history of over 100 years. When eating a Xiaolongbao, you need to  open a small hole at first and then enjoy the juice inside the little bun very slowly–or you will burn your mouth.

Image from: 上海在线

image of cifantuanNo. 2

Cifantuan–Sticky Rice Roll

It is made by tightly wrapping a piece of youtiao (fried dough) with sticky rice. Usually, we like to put some kinds of pickles and shredded pork in it. I found that  Chipotle’s burrito has some similarities with cifantuan. Usually we eat cifantuan as breakfast together with sweetened or savory soy milk.

Image from: Day Green 日青

No. 3image of shengjian

Shengjian Mantou–Pan Fried Bun

Shengjian mantou is a very traditional specialty of Shanghai. It also has flour made skin outside and flavored meat inside, but the skin is thicker than Xiaolongbao. It is usually filled with pork and gelatin that melts into soup/liquid when cooked. Shengjian mantou has been one of the most common breakfast items in Shanghai for the last century.

This is a clip shot at the most famous Shengjian Station in Shanghai.

Reference: wikipedia

Image from: 新浪上海 

image of SanxianwontonNo. 4

Sanxian Huntun–Three Delicacies Wonton

We make clear distinction between large wonton and small wonton. Small wontons are casually wrapped by closing the palm on a wrapper with a dab of pork filling as if crumpling a sheet of paper. Sanxian huntun can be literally translated into “three delicacies wonton”. Because the wontons are served in chicken soup with laver and chopped pan fried eggs.

When I was a little girl, I went to a very old, nation-owned breakfast restaurant everyday and ordered this delicious cuisine for breakfast. It was a treasurable memory of mine.

Image from: 上海热线 Shanghai Hotline

No. 5jiuniang yuanzi

Jiuniang Yuanzi–Glutinous Rice Dumpling in Sweet Rice Wine Soup

Although jiuniang is similar to an unfiltered rice wine in that it is mildly alcoholic, it contains whole rice grains and is often made with sweet osmanthus flowers. Yuanzi is a kind of small rice dumpling, but contains no filling.

I enjoy the aroma of sweet osmanthus flower and rice wine with small cutie rice dumplings!

Image from: 阿邦网


shanghai's changeWhy we go nostalgic?

People around my age (born in 1980s) are becoming the mainstay of our society. And I think our generation is very special because we not only have witnessed the amazing changes that information era brought to the whole human beings, but also are enjoying the convenience it brought.

When we were little kids, our city is not that crowded and the cost of living is not that unaffordable. People were living in a simple but happy life. But nowadays, we can only feel the rush of the city life. Therefore, me and my friends are always having a sense of nostalgia though we are enjoying the benefits brought by the information age. So, one of our ways to cherish the memory of the old Shanghai is to explore traditional Shanghai-styled foods.

Can you imagine that the first picture was shot in 1990?

Image from: 遨游网