Exclusively Recommendation of 3 Bars at Shanghai

1 Mar

Shanghai young people are full of energy! Yes, they are! They are having an exciting and brilliant enjoyment of nightlife that the ever-bright city bring to them. After work, they may like to go for a drink with their colleagues or friends. Some excellent bars with music and great views would be their choice. The variety of bars and pubs are the representatives of Shanghai’s nightlife. Today, I would recommend 3 bars that I have tried as an exclusively reward for all my friends and followers’ supporting on this blog!

Top No.3  JZ Club

Reasons for Recommendation

  • Music

Who doesn’t like music?! You should definitely take your dearest friend or your dater to this club! Launched in 2004, JZ Club has become the most representative of all the jazz clubs in Shanghai, and even in China. Everyday in this club, you can enjoy music from classical Standards, buoyant Swing, to refreshing female vocals and modern Jazz Rock. Isn’t it a great choice for relaxing with tasty cocktails and wonderful music?!

I have been there once and was quite impressed by the jazz music the band played that night! I took this picture and I loved that saxophone boy so much! It was really an awesome experience!

<Address: 46 FuXing W. Road,Shanghai

<Price per person: 10 USD

<<Check their website.

【Image from the author】

Top No.2 VUE 

Reasons for recommendation:

  • View

You may have guessed that this bar must has a great view because its name–VUE. Yes, great great view, maybe the best view! VUE located on the 32nd and 33rd floors of the new Hyatt on the Bund, offers tremendous vistas of both the historic waterfront and Pudong, the CBD on the other side of the Huangpu River.

  • Spa under the sky

There is a hot tube for people to enjoy on the upper floor of the bar. In the Spa tube, you could enjoy the great view of the Bund and Pudong with a glass of really good wine.

  • Wine

VUE provides you a full collection of red wines. You can get one free house wine at the entrance.

<Address: 199 Huangpu Road (32rd floor in Hyatt on the Bund)

<Price: 100 RMB (15 USD) entrance fee

<Check their introduction by Hyatt on the Bund.

<<Ladies, enjoy Tuesday night for free entrance!

【Image from the author & 美国往事

Top No.1 Barbarossa

Reasons for Recommendation:

  • Location

This lounge & bar located in the middle of a pond in the middle of People’s Park, which located at the heart of Shanghai. This unique location makes Barbarossa an oasis–a quiet place in the middle of city chaos.

  • Style of Decoration

Moroccan style of decoration makes the bar an exotic one. I love the vaulted Moroccan tents, the pillars with delicate patterns, and the beautiful roof of the architecture. Barbarossa is famous for its roof bar, in which you would have a feeling of on vacation in an foreign country.

  • Food & Fruit-taste Hookah

Food there are pretty good! Because Barbarossa is not only a bar, but a restaurant that makes delicious cuisines! They provide Barbarossa is famous for its rich variety of fruity Hookah. Attaching yourself to your favorite fruit in smoke is really relaxing.

<Address: inside People’s Park, 231 W. Nanjing Rd.

<Price per person: 20 USD

<<Every Wednesday Barbarossa welcomes all the girls to enjoy free selected fresh and sparkling cocktails from 9pm-12am at their roof top terrace!

【Image from the author & 大众点评

Sometime you go to this amazing city, be sure to check out these awesome bars!

2 Responses to “Exclusively Recommendation of 3 Bars at Shanghai”

  1. Claire March 1, 2012 at 10:13 #

    I really wanna go back and give it a try sometime!! 🙂

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