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Shanghai Youngs’ Family Time: Fun Things I Do with Family Members

29 Mar

The word “family” means a lot to Chinese people. This is the same with people from Shanghai.

People in the same age with our parents usually have 4 or 5 brothers or sisters, some have even more. After that generation, due to the one-child policy which has been promoted several decades, we younger generations don’t have brothers or sisters any more. So we keep close relationship with our cousins. So, the word “family” usually means the very big family for most of the people in Shanghai.

When there is a holiday to celebrate, family members gather and have all kinds of fun. Here I am going to present you some most common activities and games that we play with family members.


My grandparents have 8 children, and my mother is their 7th one. As a big family, we usually make food ourselves at home. And it has a lot fun making food together.

My grandma makes delicious salted chicken, which is called by us as “miracle chicken.” The steps for this Picture of salted chickencuisine is really simple: first boiled the whole chicken with some chopped gingers, and then evenly grease the secret sauce with fingers onto and into the chicken when it is hot. Let it stand for couple minutes, and that’s it! Why it is so delicious? You first need a very good cage-free chicken–not very old one, best if it’s 3 months old. Then, you need to take good command of the boiling time of the chicken–in order to make the meat tender. Last but not least, you need to use your finger to grease the sauce–because the warmth of your finger and palm can let all the flavor go into the meat immediately. Of course my grandma got some secret tips for this dish, and, I won’t tell ya! HAHA~

Now that my grandma is 88 years old so she does not cook anymore. She passed her secret recipe to my uncles, aunties, and my mom. Almost every time we have a family reunion, we have this dish on table.

<picture from wordomouth>


I always think the creator of this game is a genius.

4 people sit around a square table to start the game. Mahjong is played with a set of 136 tiles based on Chinese characters and symbols, although some regional variations use a different number of tiles. In most variations, each player begins by receiving thirteen tiles. In turn players draw and discard tiles until they complete a legal hand using the fourteenth drawn tile to form four groups and a pair. There are fairly standard rules about how a piece is drawn, stolen from another player, the use of basic and honors, the kinds of melds, and the order of dealing and play.

Different regions have slightly different rules on the details. Shanghai Mahjong is relatively strict with the rules–you may have less chance to win in Shanghai Mahjong than in Sichuan Mahjong. But I think that’s the fun point–the more difficult to win, the more interesting the game is.

We win or lose real money in this game! But it’s not a big deal. We get more intimate relationship with our family members.

<Picture shows me and my cousins playing Majong together.>


It’s our traditional virtue to respect, love, and support our senior grandparents and parents. To make them happy, we need to spend more time with them to release their loneliness. My grandpa has passed away for nearly 8 years. So my uncles, aunties, cousins, my mom and I take turns to take care of my grandma at the weekends. We chat together about all kinds of funny stuffs. We sometimes play Majong with her because she loves this game. Or sometimes we just watch TV series together with her. She is so happy to have all her children and grandchildren around.

<Picture is my mom, my grandma and I>

I found that here in the U.S., people don’t really hang over with their cousins or uncles or aunties as much as we do in Shanghai. American people usually have their family reunion only on Thanksgiving and Christmas. But we Shanghai people have our family members together once several weeks on average. Maybe not that “great reunion”, but we would find some “excuse” to get together and have fun.

Shanghai Expo from a PR Perspective

8 Mar

Expo 2010 gave Shanghai a chance to open its door and welcome friends from all over the world. Also, Expo 2010 gave all other countries a chance to present themselves to the world in Shanghai. Overall, the six months’ exhibition was a success.

As we all know, the next scheduled Universal Exposition after Expo 2010 will be held in Italy. As we are on our half way from Shanghai to Milan, let’s take a professional peek at Shanghai Expo 2010.

Serving the Expo almost covers all the PR perspectives: reputation management, image promotion, event management, media relations, crisis management, and etc. For PR agencies serving the Expo, it is not only a great opportunity for them to enhance their profession, but also a challenge for them to overcome any problems they might encounter.

Like any of the other communication campaigns, whether the key message is reached its audience or not is the most important thing. Simply relying on the official channel of news distribution is not enough. I found one shining point and one problem when communication people spreading the message of China out to the whole world.

<image from Expo 2010 Shanghai’s Facebook Album.>

The shining point—taking advantages of the Chinese people who live overseas.

There are over 40 millions Chinese people who are living their life in another country. And this group of people is playing an important role in these countries because of the non-ignorable number. They have strong emotion about their motherland, and would definitely support the development of China. And their local social status improves their credibility, so that messages from them are acceptable.

To get their support is not difficult. One of the best ways is to start a good relationship with oversea Chinese media. So, the communication department of Shanghai Expo Bureau have kept a positive relationship the oversea Chinese media and had them covered numbers of stories.

<image from Expo 2010 Shanghai Official site.>

Need to improve on—social media

The communication people who serve the Expo did use the Internet as a tool to communicate with people from other countries. One good example is Expo 2010’s official website. People can easily find information they need because the navigation is clear. People can also enroll the volunteer program by following the online process. But no social media sites were linked to the official site. Actually, they did have an active Facebook account and a Twitter account.

Check their website.

@EXPO 2010 Shanghai only has 485 followers. And almost all the tweets are not attractive—simply content plus link. No conversations happen between the organization and the audience.

Check their Twitter.

Their Facebook page is nice-looking and more active. They have more than 500 images uploaded and more than 20 thousands “likes”. But again, few conversations happened between the organization and the audience.

Check their Facebook.

They don’t have a YouTube channel at all.

<image from Matt Carter’s Internet Marketing.>

But Expo 2010 was still a success for it over reached its goal of attracting the participation of 200 countries and international organizations and 70 million visitors. If they could have improved on the above aspects, it would be even a better memory of the whole world.

Exclusively Recommendation of 3 Bars at Shanghai

1 Mar

Shanghai young people are full of energy! Yes, they are! They are having an exciting and brilliant enjoyment of nightlife that the ever-bright city bring to them. After work, they may like to go for a drink with their colleagues or friends. Some excellent bars with music and great views would be their choice. The variety of bars and pubs are the representatives of Shanghai’s nightlife. Today, I would recommend 3 bars that I have tried as an exclusively reward for all my friends and followers’ supporting on this blog!

Top No.3  JZ Club

Reasons for Recommendation

  • Music

Who doesn’t like music?! You should definitely take your dearest friend or your dater to this club! Launched in 2004, JZ Club has become the most representative of all the jazz clubs in Shanghai, and even in China. Everyday in this club, you can enjoy music from classical Standards, buoyant Swing, to refreshing female vocals and modern Jazz Rock. Isn’t it a great choice for relaxing with tasty cocktails and wonderful music?!

I have been there once and was quite impressed by the jazz music the band played that night! I took this picture and I loved that saxophone boy so much! It was really an awesome experience!

<Address: 46 FuXing W. Road,Shanghai

<Price per person: 10 USD

<<Check their website.

【Image from the author】

Top No.2 VUE 

Reasons for recommendation:

  • View

You may have guessed that this bar must has a great view because its name–VUE. Yes, great great view, maybe the best view! VUE located on the 32nd and 33rd floors of the new Hyatt on the Bund, offers tremendous vistas of both the historic waterfront and Pudong, the CBD on the other side of the Huangpu River.

  • Spa under the sky

There is a hot tube for people to enjoy on the upper floor of the bar. In the Spa tube, you could enjoy the great view of the Bund and Pudong with a glass of really good wine.

  • Wine

VUE provides you a full collection of red wines. You can get one free house wine at the entrance.

<Address: 199 Huangpu Road (32rd floor in Hyatt on the Bund)

<Price: 100 RMB (15 USD) entrance fee

<Check their introduction by Hyatt on the Bund.

<<Ladies, enjoy Tuesday night for free entrance!

【Image from the author & 美国往事

Top No.1 Barbarossa

Reasons for Recommendation:

  • Location

This lounge & bar located in the middle of a pond in the middle of People’s Park, which located at the heart of Shanghai. This unique location makes Barbarossa an oasis–a quiet place in the middle of city chaos.

  • Style of Decoration

Moroccan style of decoration makes the bar an exotic one. I love the vaulted Moroccan tents, the pillars with delicate patterns, and the beautiful roof of the architecture. Barbarossa is famous for its roof bar, in which you would have a feeling of on vacation in an foreign country.

  • Food & Fruit-taste Hookah

Food there are pretty good! Because Barbarossa is not only a bar, but a restaurant that makes delicious cuisines! They provide Barbarossa is famous for its rich variety of fruity Hookah. Attaching yourself to your favorite fruit in smoke is really relaxing.

<Address: inside People’s Park, 231 W. Nanjing Rd.

<Price per person: 20 USD

<<Every Wednesday Barbarossa welcomes all the girls to enjoy free selected fresh and sparkling cocktails from 9pm-12am at their roof top terrace!

【Image from the author & 大众点评

Sometime you go to this amazing city, be sure to check out these awesome bars!